Optimizing Wifi Connectivity In Lima Enterprise

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Optimizing WiFi Connectivity in Lima Enterprise
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Optimizing WiFi Connectivity in Lima Enterprise
Lima Enterprise is a grocery business with multiple branches countrywide and requires
WiFi connectivity across all its branches for employees’ and customers’ use. Lima Enterprise has
an office for the various departments in each branch, a sitting area for customers, and a
warehouse area with shelves displaying groceries to be sold. Through the survey of all branches
and proper planning, this paper will focus on the types of WiFi access points needed by Lima
Enterprise, the beam width required by the access points, and solutions to challenges faced
during the WiFi access point planning.
Types of WiFi Access Points needed
Lima Enterprise will require omnidirectional patch antennae mounted on the roof in each
office partition for the office areas and warehouses. The patch antennae will have a frequency of
5GHz due to the short-range use of the access points and its high bandwidth. The high traffic use
of employees also encourages using 5GHz frequency to avoid interferences.
The highly directional dish antennae will be used to connect two offices that are in
different physical locations. Parabolic dish antennae produce narrow and focused beams of radio
frequency energy which are vital for long-distance transmission (Olenewa, 2013). The parabolicshaped reflectors will also help to reflect the received signal to the anten …
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