Optimizing Care With The Ehr Messaging System At Goodwill Clinic.edited

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Optimizing Care with the EHR Messaging System at Goodwill Clinic
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Since its founding in the 1950s, Goodwill Health Care Clinic, the clinical branch of
Jefferson Health Sciences Center, has seen major changes. The clinic has a serious problem
since it serves over a million patients annually in eleven departments. Although the clinic has
made great strides since adopting an EHR system two years ago, it still struggles with the
inefficiencies of maintaining two separate documentation systems. Although the current Lotus
Notes system is well-known to employees, it causes unnecessary work and may even lead to
mistakes in the documentation. The recommended answer is a complete transition to an EHR
Messaging System, which would improve communication, lessen the likelihood of mistakes,
and ultimately lead to better patient care.
Description of the Proposed Solution
The EHR Messaging System is a state-of-the-art digital hub that hospitals and clinics
may use to simplify patient-related communication. The EHR Messaging System eliminates
the need for double data input by integrating directly with the patient’s electronic health records.
The EHR Messaging System is functionally analogous to a closed email system, with access
restricted to authorized individuals inside the healthcare system. To ensure that all relevant
information is collected in one place, whenever a message is sent or received about patient
care, it is automat …
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Optimizing Care With The Ehr Messaging System At Goodwill Clinic.edited
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