Nursing Question Knowledge Assignment Fall Prevention

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Fall Risk and Cognition Assessments
Mrs. L is an 89-year-old widow who lives independently in her home. She drives, and she is an
avid quilter. Her daughter lives within 2 miles and checks in daily with Mrs. L. by phone or in
Mrs. L has been admitted to your hospital with the diagnosis of R/O pneumonia.
Her past medical problems include the following:

Bilateral hip replacements

Detached retina × 2 (right eye)



Orthostatic hypotension

Falls at home × 1

Urinary frequency

Insomnia (sleeps about 3 hours per night)
Mrs. L takes no medication, “not even an aspirin.”
Mrs. L uses her call button frequently to request assistance to the bathroom. Upon rounding, her
nurse found Mrs. L on the floor, having crawled out of her bed with the side rails up. She was
assessed and was found to have no injuries. Her gown was wet with urine. When asked to
describe what happened, Mrs. L stated the following: “I called for help to the bathroom and no
one came. So rather than wetting the bed, I managed to crawl over the side rails. I slipped on the
floor trying to get to the bathroom.”
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Nursing Question Knowledge Assignment Fall Prevention
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