Nursing Note On Prevention Of High Blood Pressure

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Patient Name: Mr. Dan
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Encounter Setting: Patient’s Residence
The Nurse conducted a live session with Ms. Womack in her residence. The living area was
clean, and the overall environment was conducive for the consumer. Ms. Womack appeared alert
and oriented during the assessment. She denied having any skin cuts, bruises, or wounds, and her
skin exhibited good hydration. However, she was actively smoking a cigarette during the
assessment. Vital signs were as follows: blood pressure measured at 140/95, respiratory rate at
19, pulse rate at 77, temperature at 97.7°F, and oxygen saturation at 92%. Ms. Womack reported
no pain and denied any history of blood pressure issues, diabetes, COPD, or arthritis.
The Nurse initiated the intervention with a warm greeting and encouraged Ms. Womack to
discuss her elevated blood pressure concerns openly. The Nurse actively listened to Ms.
Womack as she shared her thoughts and feelings regarding her health and the implications of
high blood pressure.
To provide Ms. Womack with a comprehensive understanding of the factors contributing to her
elevated blood pressure, the Nurse delivered detailed education on the physiological processes
involved in hypertension. This understanding included explanations of how high blood pressure
can strain the cardio …
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Nursing Note On Prevention Of High Blood Pressure
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