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Acuity and Staffing
Acuity and Staffing
One of the primary topics for discussion is the alteration in patient acuity within the
department. While the ADC remains the same, the increased understanding burdens the unit’s
employees more, resulting in an escalated workload. The alteration in acuity necessitates the
allocation of more full-time equivalent (FTE) caregivers. Furthermore, it is imperative to engage
in a comprehensive examination of the associated expenses concerning the established operating
room (OR) criteria (Anderson, 2023). The full-time equivalent (FTE) requirements for the unit
can be determined by multiplying the hours per day (HDDP) by the average daily census (ADC).
In this case, the calculation would be 7.59 multiplied by 20, resulting in 151.8 hours per day. The
result corresponds to 19 full-time equivalent employees (FTEs). An increase in acuity levels is
expected to result in a proportional increase in Full-Time Equivalents (FTEs). The quantifiable
increase amounts to 30% due to the high acuity of 6 patients out of the total average daily census
(ADC) of 20. Based on the present estimates, it is evident that the u …
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Nursing Leadership 147.edited 1
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