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Pulmonary Function Case Study
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Pulmonary Function Case Study
1. According to the case study information, how would you classify the severity of
D.R.’s asthma attack?
Based on the information in the case study, the severity of D.R.’s asthma attack can be classified
as moderate to severe. Several critical factors contribute to this assessment. Firstly, D.R.’s peak
flow rates have consistently fallen within 65-70% of his regular baseline. Such a significant
decrease in lung function suggests a substantial obstruction of his airways. Furthermore,
nighttime symptoms for three consecutive nights indicate a persistent and potentially lifethreatening exacerbation. Additionally, D.R.’s increasing reliance on previously effective
albuterol nebulizer therapy, which is now failing to provide adequate relief, signifies a
heightened severity of his asthma episode. This change suggests a reduced responsiveness to his
usual treatment, raising concerns about the progression of his symptoms.
2. Name the most common triggers for asthma in any given patient and specify in your
answer which ones you consider applied to D.R. in the cas …
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