Nur 611 Module 3 Discussion

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NUR 611 Module 3 Discussion
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What is the importance of a literature review and what should you avoid when conducting
a literature review?
The Importance of Literature Review
The literature review stands as a cornerstone in the edifice of scientific research, serving
multiple pivotal roles that enrich both the quality and integrity of a study. A literature review
enables scholars to immerse themselves in the existing body of knowledge within a particular
domain, thereby facilitating the identification of gaps or unexplored avenues in the literature that
warrant further investigation (Kraus et al., 2022). The evaluative process, often conducted as an
independent, standalone study, not only aids in formulating the research questions but also
contextualizes the study within the broader academic discourse. Besides, literature reviews are a
conduit for challenging established norms and stimulating intellectual conversations (Kraus et
al., 2022). They do so by critically examining existing theories, methodologies, and findings.
Literature reviews also serve as a comprehensive archive that synthesizes the state-of-the-ar …
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Nur 611 Module 3 Discussion
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