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Narrative Essay: Why Learning Foreign Language is Crucial
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Narrative Essay: Why Learning Foreign Language is Crucial
The language skills of a traveler in general and specifically to France, are incredibly vital
and essential. Randomly traveling from one country to another without knowledge of the language
can result in much confusion, embarrassment and frustration. For instance, people often travel to
foreign countries and learn a language while they are there. In fact, learning a foreign language is
essential for all travelers as it opens up the mind and makes it so much easier to communicate with
people you may not speak with every day. I had the opportunity to visit France, which is a country
with a rich history and fine art. I was surprised by how many people did not speak English, which
made me realize why it is vital to learn French as a second language. Moreover, the latter is why
learning more about other cultures is crucial for me and society at large because interactions
between people from different backgrounds can help us understand one another better, which will
only make our world a better place f …
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Narrative Essay Ii
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