Module 4 Discussion Replies

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Module 4 Discussion Replies
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Module 4 Discussion Replies
Reply to Chailan Campbell
Indeed, code selection and application must start with a primary diagnosis or evaluation of the
key disease causation. The approach would inform a general code and the subsequent codes
based on the specific causation as well as the associative comorbidities.
In this case, it is notable that hypertensive heart disease is categorized under the I11 code. That
notwithstanding, it is agreeable that the patient’s diagnosis informs an I11.0 code – it denotes a
hypertensive heart disease with heart failure. Similarly, according to ICD10Data (n.d.), an
unspecified heart failure should be assigned the I50.9 code.
ICD10Data. (n.d.). 2023 ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Code I50.9. Retrieved from ICD10Data:
Reply to Carson Lemon
The ICD-10 coding system is comprehensive and distinguishes different diseases and their
causations. In the following case, it is agreeable that both hypertensive heart disease and heart
failure have different clinical codes. That is because they describe different conditions, their
symptoms, and the associative clinical procedures.
In context, I agree that hypertensive heart disease is categorized under the general code series
I11. To specify the heart failure condition as described in the patient report, code I11.0 should be
used. According to Drosler et al. …
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Module 4 Discussion Replies
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