Module 3 Discussion

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Module 3 Discussion
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Module 3 Discussion
Chapter 8
Within a museum, the responsibility for defining the collection typically falls upon the
curatorial staff. Curators play a crucial role in shaping a museum’s collection. They select,
research, and acquire objects or artworks that align with the museum’s mission and collecting
goals (Alexander, 2017). Curators often work closely with other museum professionals to
ascertain whether objects meet the necessary criteria for inclusion in the collection. Central to the
process is carefully considering an object’s historical and artistic significance. The relevance to
the museum’s educational and exhibition objectives is also considered (Alexander, 2017). The
curators also look at the items’ cultural value.
Chapter 9
The author suggests that conservation should play a more prominent role in ensuring the
preservation and accessibility of the collection as museums evolve and shift their emphasis from
traditional collecting and scholarship to a greater focus on public service (Alexander, 2017).
Museums should prioritize conservation practices that allow for the long-term car …
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Module 3 Discussion
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