Mitigating The Chaos Of Change

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Mitigating the Chaos of Change
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Organizational change is a complex process that greatly depends on the skills of change
managers. In order to navigate this transformative journey successfully change manager have to
carefully select and apply the fundamental approaches (Bradutanu, 2015). This paper aims to
explain two essential methods: the Organizational Development (OD) approach, seen from the
perspective of a coach, and the sense-making approach, represented by the interpreter image. The
goal is to clarify their core principles and how they can be applied to reduce the chaos associated
with organizational change. The paper will analyze these approaches separately and then
compare them, highlighting their common steps and unique characteristics. In the end, this paper
highlights the importance of combining the strengths of both approaches.
Organizational Development (OD) Approach
The Organizational Development (OD) approach is a foundational framework in change
management. This approach is firmly grounded in principles of human and organizational
psychology, emphasizing the importance of nurturing employee development, fostering group
dynamics, and aligning organizational vision (Cheung-Judge & Holbeche, 2021). One of the key
elements of the OD approach is its focus on building the capacity of individuals and teams to
adapt and succeed within the evolv …
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Mitigating The Chaos Of Change
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