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How are they able to do this?
According to Jean Piaget’s theory of cognitive development, children take information
through assimilation and accommodation. In assimilation, they perceive, adapt, and incorporate
new information into preexisting cognitive schemas. In accommodation, they readjust and
reorganize their cognitive schemas to encounter new situations (Cohen, 2012). Mickey Mouse
Clubhouse season 1 episode 20, ” Mickey Saves Santa,” characters present situations that align
with children’s existing knowledge. The Christmas Eve celebration of Mickey with his friends
and Santa giving them gifts enables children to assimilate their understanding of Christmas Eve
by connecting with the character’s experiences. On their way to save Santa, Mickey and Daisy
Duck face challenges that require creativity; for instance, they encounter cloudy clouds whereby
they use the spotlight to navigate. This encounter encourages children to adapt by thinking
creatively about the right solutions.
How can we see what Cohen (2012) presents in action on the screen?
Cohen’s (2012) book is presented in Mickey Mouse C …
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