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Legal Reasoning Exercise: Michigan Federation of Teachers vs. University of Michigan
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The union of clerical workers wanted to be provided with the names and the contacts of
the persons making monetary donations to the University of Michigan. The Michigan state refused
to disclosing the addresses of the persons making the donations citing that it was a violation of the
privacy. The legal issue in the case is whether the addresses of the donors are exempt from
disclosure by Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).
The Michigan Supreme Court will decide that the addresses of the donors to the University
of Michigan are exempt from disclosure. The information should not be disclosed as it is the
invasion of the privacy of the donors.
FOIA gives permission for the public to request full information on the records of any
federal agency. The purpose of FOIA is to ensure that the public is always informed about the
actions of the government. The request which was made by the union of clerical workers is legal
since they have the right according to FOIA to have access to have full information about the acts
of the federal agenc …
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