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Change Management: Netflix
Netflix is one company I associate with, and it has shown significant success with its
change initiatives. The company, Founded in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph,
provides entertainment streaming services through TV shows and Movies to people globally.
Initially, Netflix started as a movie sale and renting firm through DVD mail services but later
expanded to streaming services.
The Change at Netflix
One excellent example of a change initiative at Netflix is the firm’s transformation
from a DVD sale and rental service into streamlining services. The strategic shift from DVDs
to online streaming of TV shows and movies was a significant change initiative launched in
2007. Although the idea to expand into streaming was initiated earlier, challenges in internet
speeds made it impossible (BBC, 2018). Various factors prompted the change initiative. First,
the technological advancement (high-speed internet) made the change initiative feasible since
Netflix could provide high-quality videos online. In addition, changes in consumer behaviors
associated with increased preference for on-demand TV shows and movi …
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