Metoo Movement

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Unveiling Silence Through The #MeToo Movement as a Catalyst for Change
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Unveiling Silence Through The #MeToo Movement as a Catalyst for Change
Silence can also be significant for communicating a message, as illustrated by the
#MeToo movement, which started in 2017 after numerous allegations against Harvey
Weinstein for sexual misconduct were exposed (Brown, 2022). This helped women tell
stories of sexual abuse in various industries, from entertainment to politics and mass media.
(Sancton, 2022)
The silence surrounding the discussion on sexual harassment and assault before the
emergence of the #MeToo movement was overwhelming. Such women often had no choice
but to keep their secrets and remained silent because of the fears of reprisal, disbelief, and
victim-blaming (Brown, 2022). Through the #Metoo, sexual misconduct was broken into the
silence, opening up a broader discussion about sexual assault cases where victims are
supported. The gender of the speaker was critical in this case since the bulk of people
speaking and posting accounts through the hashtag MeToo turned out to be women. The
highlight was the …
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Metoo Movement
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