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The September 11, 2001 attacks were a series of suicide attacks and airline hijackings
committed by 19 militants associated with the Al-Qaeda. The attacks targeted the United States,
particularly in Washington DC and New York City, killing more than 3,000 US citizens. It
constituted one of the deadliest terrorist attacks against the United States, triggering extensive
changes in how the US approached counterterrorism and homeland security (Kubickova et al.,
2019). These changes endure to this day and altered how different industries operated to prevent
similar events in the future. One such industry is the private security industry, which underwent
an overhaul in its operations, requiring organizations to adhere to various stipulations. This
discussion analyzes the changes to the private security industry following the 9/11 attacks, the
use of social media for recruitment and selection, and the management strategies to reduce the
risk of litigation due to retail loss prevention activities.
The Private Security Industry After 9/11
Private security is a major industry in facilitating the operating strategies developed
following 9/11. Notably, the attacks necessitated in-depth introspection among policymakers and
business owners. Businesses, organizations, agencies and venues realized that private security
was not just an afterthought and that integrating various standards an …
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