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Asiodu, I. V., Waters, C. M., Dailey, D. E., Lee, K. A., & Lyndon, A. (2015). Breastfeeding and
use of social media among first‐time African American mothers. Journal of Obstetric,
Gynecologic & Neonatal Nursing, 44(2), 268-278.

Social media platforms are recognized as valuable tools for sharing information on infant
feeding, particularly among African-American mothers, but their current utilization falls
short of their potential impact.

Participants regularly accessed the Internet and social media for prenatal and parentingrelated information and social support.

Most respondents used some smartphone app both before and after giving delivery.

Participants learned a lot about newborn growth and development from these apps, but
they needed help to identify and remember details on infant feeding.
Hill, L., Artiga, S., & Ranji, U. (2022). Racial disparities in maternal and infant health: Current
status and efforts to address them. Kaiser Family Foundation, 1.

There are long-standing and significant racial disparities in maternal and infant health in
the United States.

Racial disparities persist in selected measures of infant and maternal health, indicating
unequal health outcomes among different ra …
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