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Literature Review on Customer Relationship Management
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Literature Review on Customer Relationship Management
The field of customer relationship management (CRM) is extensive and varied,
encompassing contributions from multiple disciplines, including marketing, management, and
information systems. In this literature review, a summary of three journals will be discussed
together with their differences, similarities, and contributions to CRM.
The Summary of the Articles
1. Kumar, V., & Reinartz, W. (2018). Customer relationship management.
In their comprehensive and contemporary overview, Kumar and Reinartz (2018) explore
the notion of Customer Relationship Management (CRM). They commence by defining CRM,
elucidating its evolution, and delineating its significance in the current business milieu.
Subsequently, they delve into the multifaceted aspects of CRM, encompassing its objectives,
constituents, and strategic ramifications. One salient focal point the authors posited is the
importance of establishing and nurturing robust customer relationships to attain enduring
business triumph. The authors underscore the pivotal role of technology in facilitating efficient
customer relationship management while highlighting the imperative for organizations to
embrace a customer-centric approach to CRM.
2. Setiawati, A. P., Susetyorini, U. E., Rusdiyanto, R., Astanto, D., Ulum, B., Khadijah, S. N., …
& Umanailo, M …
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