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Learner-Faculty Connect Video Assignment
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Learner-Faculty Connect Video Assignment
Should the Retailer Hire New Talent That Can Run the Program?
Hire New Talent That Can Run the Program will be my preferred approach to
implementing the new L&D program at the big box store.
Why I Chose the Approach
I chose this approach since the current crew is small and used to using a simple system. It
may be necessary to expand the total membership to quickly acquire the new skills needed to use
the new software. Another uncertainty is how long it will take the current staff to learn these
skills and use the newly installed system effectively. Recruiting new talent is the best option
since the organization can hire someone with experience using modern software and with the
skills, such as computer science and programming, needed to work with them. The team’s present
skill set consists of instructors and website developers; no computer programming or software
development is used. It is better to handle the program in-house to avoid problems or
unanticipated challenges from another organization. Contracting the …
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Learner Faculty Connect Video Assignment.edited.edited
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