Jesus And Contemporary Life

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Jesus and Contemporary Life
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Section 1: Mental Health Issue
Mental health is an issue that has affected millions across the world. It encompasses a
wide range of conditions, from depression to anxiety to other emotional struggles that
significantly impact not only an individual’s well-being but also their ability to lead a meaningful
and fulfilling life. Unlike before, today, it is not a crime to have mental health problems because
it does not sound odd anymore. It has become a common thing that people struggle with at some
point. The question is, what does Jesus teach his people about mental health problems? The
scripture acknowledges the complexities around human suffering, including emotional and
mental struggles, and introduces believers to God, who created and loved His people
Mental health problems are increasing globally. According to Volkov (2019), about 20%
of adolescents and children in the world are struggling with a mental health condition, which
sometimes leads to suicides (a leading cause of high mortality among teenagers and youths). In 1
Peter 5:7, the scripture says, “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you” (New
International Version, 2011, 1 Peter 5:7). Peter’s words remind us that Jesus deeply cares about
his believers’ well-being and encourages us to cast our problems or anxieties to him. The surge in
mental problems is not because of geneti …
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Jesus And Contemporary Life
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