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Introduction to Research
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Introduction to Research
Breaking down barriers to birth control access: an assessment of online platforms
prescribing birth control in the USA
At first sight, this may look like too good an offer but when examined closely you realize
just what a valuable find it was!! “Breaking Down Barriers to Birth Control Access: an
Assessment of Online Platforms Prescribing Birth Control in the USA” stands out, thanks to
being published in the Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare which is known for its rigorous
peer-review system that ensures only quality research is published there. Zuniga and co.’s (2020)
study on reproductive health adds credence to its source material and conclusions of research,
while simultaneously addressing an urgent health concern: online birth control availability.
Given how technology continues to enhance reproductive healthcare, our understanding of their
function needs to adapt accordingly. For an accurate assessment of birth control options from
leading sources, using sound methods and advanced analysis methodologies are vital in
conducting investigati …
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