Introduction To Operations Management

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Introduction to Operations Management
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Introduction to Operations Management
Question One
The supply chain management team is responsible for keeping tabs on all final items,
intermediate products, and raw materials as they make their way through the system.
Activities falling under this category include, but are not limited to, the creation of physical
objects, the development of novel interests, and the building of informational systems. A
company’s growth and prosperity are related to the effectiveness with which it manages its
supply chain. Planning and material procurement, production and distribution, satisfied
customers, and contented end users are its five pillars. It runs on a combination of direct and
indirect supply lines. All of these providers must provide exceptional service to their clients.
It coordinates the ordering of supplies for eateries and their delivery through direct
communication with the vendors. Indirect suppliers include establishments like flour mills
and slaughterhouses. Farms and ranches are the primary providers of wheat, lettuce, and the
other feed staples that cattle require (Windisch & Fink, 2019).
The warehouse space and delivery services at the distribution centers are available to
restaurants. Processing plants create the ultimate products of food and drink, such as loaves
of bread and meat patties. McDonald’s and its suppliers build the foundation for long-term,
mutually benef …
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