Internal Affairs In Prisons.edited

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Internal Affairs in Prisons
Internal Affairs in Prisons
Part 1
I feel that corrections officers should have a specialized internal affairs unit that conducts
investigations on allegations that inmates raise. The correction unit is a complex environment
that requires such a body to achieve transparency and accountability. Having a specialized team
that investigates correction officers stands to improve inmate conditions and deter unethical
behaviors among the officers. Inmates have reportedly been abused, and their rights have been
violated without any accountability. It is something that can be avoided by streamlining the law
enforcement department through a specialized body. Putting consequences in place for any
unethical behavior is a significant module as it limits individuals from engaging in such
behaviors (Deitch, 2020). The consequences should be severe and include processes such as
termination and criminal prosecutions to act as a lesson for those who engage in unethical acts.
Adopting such actions is a stance that promotes accountability and helps to maintain public trust
in the system. The criminal justice system is an enviro …
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Internal Affairs In Prisons.edited
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