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Plastic Sushi: An Analysis of a Print Ad by the Surfrider Foundation
Plastic Sushi: An Analysis of a Print Ad by the Surfrider Foundation
Looking closely at the different parts of a print ad, like the visuals, words, colors, and
layout, can show how they work as a whole to influence a target group. This paper examines how
the Surfrider Foundation ad uses an eye-catching photo of plastic waste as sushi, an alarming
headline, informative statistics, and an empowering call to action to effectively convey an urgent
message about ocean pollution through complementary rhetorical and design strategies that
progress the target eco-conscious audience through an arc of awareness, concern, and
empowerment aimed at mobilizing consumers on this environmental issue.
The Surfrider Foundation engineered this promotion to speak directly to consumers who
care deeply about the health of the oceans and environmental sustainability. The advertisement
resonates with people who make eco-friendly practices a priority in their lives and feel alarmed
about the harmful impacts that plastic waste has on fragile marine ecosystems. In particular, the
eye-catching photograph and educational text aim to forge connections with viewers who actively
recycle and studiously avoid single-use plastics whenever possible.
The call to action presupposes an audience willing and eager to roll up their sleeves and
actively participate in local activism efforts and initiatives. Bot …
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