Ideal Us Healthcare

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Ideal U.S. Healthcare
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Ideal U.S. Healthcare
The current U.S. healthcare system operates as a mixed system where medical coverage
is provided by both government and privately (Keisler-Starkey & Bunch, 2020). Additionally,
out-of-pocket payments also make up significant overall spending in the current healthcare
system, as this medical coverage system often has limitations (Keisler-Starkey & Bunch, 2020).
Notably, certain restrictions have made government medical coverage out of reach for most
individuals and private medical care unaffordable for most citizens. Generally, this has resulted
in a significant number of people being unable to get coverage, which impacts their ability to
access quality health care. Based on these observations, changes in U.S. healthcare are essential
to improve the accessibility and quality of services. In this case, an ideal U.S. healthcare system
would involve implementing a universal health system with coverage for all citizens.
Universal health coverage is a healthcare system that involves providing high-quality and
accessible care for all citizens (World Health Organization, 2021). A strength of this healthcare
system is that it would reduce out-of-pocket expenses, which would reduce financial hardships
related to healthcare. The current health care system. According to Kluender et al. (2021), the
rise in medical costs has been a leading cause of bankruptcy in the United States. Costs
continually inc …
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Ideal Us Healthcare
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