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Human resource management concepts
Human Resource Management and the Various Associated Concepts with Human
Resource Management
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Human Resource Management Concepts
Human resource management refers to the efficient and strategic way of nurturing and
supporting employees in a business firm or an organization to meet the goals and objectives of
the organization by maximizing operations (Kapoor, 2023, p.2). Human resource management is
the management of employees in an organization. The concepts that human resource
management is associated with in an organization include the following eight functional areas:
strategy planning, compliance, talent management, training and development performance
management, total rewards, safety and health, and employee and labor relations (Lussier &
Hendon, 2019, p. 7).
Strategy and planning, a concept of human resource management, involves laying down
ways or routines that will help the organization meet its current and future needs, which align
with its mission and vision. Strategy and planning are concerned with acquiring proper
technology and analysis methods that help the company or the business organization achieve its
short-term and long-term goals. To meet an organization’s current and future needs, human
resource management identifies efficient and effective ways of running the activities on a day-today basis, maximizing operations and increasing the outco …
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