Hsm Problems And Research

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HSM Problems and Research
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HSM Problems and Research
Part 1
Factors which must be considered in determining the appropriate sample size
The Size of the Population
Population size influences the sample size because the research should select the
appropriate size that provides adequate information about the population of interest. Thus, a
smaller population will require a smaller sample size, while a larger population requires a larger
sample size (Forister & Blessing, 2019).
The Precision Level
It is also essential to consider the anticipated precision level or the desired accuracy of
the research before selecting a sample size (Forister & Blessing, 2019). For example, a higher
precision level will require the researcher to select a larger sample size.
Population Variability
The researcher needs to consider the heterogeneity of the population of interest when
selecting a sample size. For example, a highly variable population should be studied using a
larger sample size to increase variability (Forister & Blessing, 2019).
Confidence Level
The researcher should also consider the confidence level when determining the sample
size. For example, a larger sample size is appropriate if the researcher wants to attain a higher
level of confidence (Forister & Blessing, 2019).
Sampling Technique
The method used for sampling should also be considered to determine the sample size.
The researcher is likely to select …
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Hsm Problems And Research
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