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Military Service: Impact on the Individual
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Military Service: Impact on the Individual
Similar to any other population group, military personnel confront a range of challenges
that necessitate human service interventions. The nature of their work exposes them to violence
and life-threatening situations that lead to psychological and emotional distress. Therefore, they
require human service interventions in terms of career counseling, therapy, and support groups to
help them address their challenges. Studies show that serving and veteran personnel with
psychological problems report symptoms of anxiety and depression and have high rates of
mental healthcare utilization (Stevelink et al., 2019). The finding conveys the value human
services can add to military personnel. Undeniably, military service has significant health
implications for individuals, especially those in combat environments.
I chose this issue because I have first-hand experience with how military duties influence
the health of military persons. As a Navy personnel, I have experienced issues related to
prolonged deployment a …
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Hs In Military..
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