How Many Calories Did You Consume

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1. How many calories did you consume?
2. What percentage of Carbohydrates, Lipids (fats), and Proteins did you
Carbohydrates = 127%
Proteins = 48%
Fats = 83%
3. Referring back to the foods you consumed the day of the analysis,
what are two changes you can make to improve your nutritional intake?
Please talk specifically about your foods.
a) Reduce foods with high level of carbohydrates. With the analysis
given the level of carbohydrate was so high with 127%. This means I
was consuming foods with a lot of starch and fiber. This can be
regulated by taking fruits and greens. Choose complex carbohydrates
over processed carbohydrates by choosing whole grains, legumes, and
starchy vegetables. These complex carbohydrates are high in fiber,
which improves digestive health, encourages feelings of fullness, and
helps control blood sugar levels.
b) Incorporate Lean Proteins
It is …
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How Many Calories Did You Consume
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