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HeroBuilders.com Case Assessment
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HeroBuilders.com Case Assessment
The Four Types of Studies Presented in The Case
Descriptive Research
Descriptive research is evident in the case as it provides a detailed account of
HeroBuilders.com’s situation and activities including the description of the company’s
background, the application of rapid prototyping technology, the creation of hero and villain
dolls, and the circumstances surrounding their entry into the action-figure business. This
approach aims to provide a detailed account or summary of the characteristics, behaviors, and
attributes of the subject under investigation (Mõttus et al., 2020). The case paints a
comprehensive picture of the company’s actions and decisions.
Exploratory Research
The case highlights the exploratory research conducted by Emil Vicale to understand the
potential of the action-figure business. He explores the market, both online and in retail stores, to
gather information about existing players, market size, and consumer interest. The exploratory
research influences the decision to launch an e-commerce business selling dolls based on
modern-day heroes. The focus is on gathering information and insights rather than testing
specific hypotheses (Swedberg, 2020). Researchers aim to discover new ideas, concepts, and
patterns that may guide further research.
Causal Research
Although not explicitly stated in the case, el …
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