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Strategic Succession Plan
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Priorities and Steps to Mitigate the Impact of the Employee’s Rapid Departure
The unexpected departure of a high-performing, tenured manager can significantly
disrupt operations and negatively impact team morale. Therefore, priorities and mitigation steps
should be implemented swiftly to maintain continuity. First, a company-wide announcement
should be made by leadership regarding the manager’s departure and outline the interim
leadership plan. Communicating transparently about the situation prevents rumors from
spreading and reassures staff that contingency plans are in place. Next, an interim manager
should be appointed from within the organization to fill the managerial role during recruitment.
This interim manager should be organized, experienced, and able to maintain the continuity of
critical initiatives, processes, and team morale.
Simultaneously, the departing manager should train and cross-train competent employees
to distribute the workload during the transition period. The departing manager possesses
invaluable institutional knowledge regarding systems, vendors, projects, and initiatives.
Capturing this through documentation enables a much smoother eventual handoff. Regular
check-in meetings should also be scheduled with the departing manager to provide support,
gather insights, and ensure the smooth wrap-up of outstanding projects and tasks before the …
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