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Medical Engineering Student Answers.
1. Restate your Behavior Change Goal. You can copy it from your Behavior Change
Within the context of my academic pursuits, my objective was to enhance my time management
skills and study habits in order to achieve academic excellence and cultivate a more profound
comprehension of medical device design and innovation.
2. How did you track your progress? What tracking method did you use? You entered this
on your Behavior Change Assignment.
I monitor my academic advancement by adhering to a structured study timetable and utilizing a
digital application for task organization. I devised a comprehensive study schedule on a weekly
basis, wherein I assigned dedicated time intervals for each academic subject and corresponding
tasks. The application facilitated my organizational efforts through the implementation of
reminders and the ability to monitor the completion of activities.
3. Did you encounter any barriers that slowed your progress towards your goal, and what
were they? Most of us will encounter a barrier, even if it is a small one. For example, an
injury, not enough time, feeling tired, or feeling sick. Write a minimum of one
Yes, throughout my academic journey, I met several obstacles that posed challenges to my
progress. One of the primary obstacles encountered was the complex intricacy of the subject
matter coupled with the substa …
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