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HCA 660 Week 3 Discussion 2
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HCA 660 Week 3 Discussion 2
In the healthcare marketplace, insurance companies face various challenges. One major
challenge is maintaining data integrity and ensuring that critical client information remains safe.
This means that any possible data breach or downtown would significantly impact the ability of
the business to function at optimum levels (UNITED STATES SECURITIES AND
EXCHANGE COMMISSION, 2023). Additionally, there needs to be more certainty in data
protection aspects due to the rapidly evolving US laws and regulations concerning health data
and information technology. It has adversely affected the configuration of information systems,
impacting outcomes. Another challenge is maintaining satisfactory relationships with
stakeholders, including healthcare payers, physicians, hospitals and other service providers
(Schneller et al., 2023). This can affect the business materially and adversely and is a huge
threat. Legal challenges are also very common in the healthcare sector, and these could damage
the reputation of organizations and affect operatio …
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Hca 660 Week 3 Discussion 2.edited
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