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HarperCollins is a renowned publisher of consumer books. The publisher has several
brands, including Christian literature, fiction, and children’s books. The company name is a
merger of names from previous companies whose merger resulted in the creation of the current
HarperCollins company. The history of HarperCollins is therefore a history of the of its mother
companies from when they were established until when they were merged to form
HarperCollins. The following is a historical dissection of the company HarperCollins.
J & J Harper
The Harper brothers started a small family business in 1817. The venture began after two
Harper brothers interacted with printing while undergoing an apprenticeship in a printing shop in
New York. In the subsequent years, two other brothers joined the business, and together, the four
brothers expanded their interest and influence in the publishing world of the then society. The
company was initially registered as J & J Harper. After the two other brothers joined the
company, the name was changed to Harper & Brothers. The company produced four notable
publications. These were;
a. The Harper’s Young People
b. Harper’s Bazaar
c. Harper’s Weekly
d. Harper’s Magazine
Harper & Brothers merged with Row, Peterson & Company in 1962 and became Harper and
Row. Under the Brand name Harper & Row, the company made several acquisitions which
a. Thomas Y. Crowell co
b. J.B Lipp …
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