Hajj Assignment

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College of Health Sciences
Department of Health Informatics
Course name:
Public health outbreak and disaster management
Course number:
PHC 372
Assignment 1 Questions
– What makes Hajj different than other mass
– What are the risk factors associated with
– Then Choose only one of the following:
o Choose one potential disaster in Hajj
and propose your plan to manage it.
(Explain your disaster management
plan in each phase of the disaster
(Mitigation, Preparedness, Response,
o Review one disaster incident that
happened in Hajj (explain the
strategies used in the 4 phases, if
possible, to manage the disaster, and
what are the lessons learned out of
that incident)

You can use the following resource (page 2) to review
a brief of the 4 phases of disaster.
Lindsay, B. R. (2012, November). Federal emergency
management: A brief introduction. Congressional Research
Service, Library of Congress.
College of Health Sciences
Department of Health Informatics
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Ali Hassan Barnawi
Out of 10
Paper assignment guidelines
Short essay of 490 – 500 words in APA style. Submission on 28 October 2023 11: 59 PM

Conduct your own research to explore further online resources to provide the conceptual
idea and avoid using advertising or commercial material.
Do not us …
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