George Floyd

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George Floyd
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1.0 Introduction
George Floyd’s death sparked massive protests worldwide and reawakened a national
conversation about racism and police brutality. The event showed how inequality and injustice
still exist in American society and created a global movement advocating for police reform and
racial justice. Such effects imply a need to address the systemic racism that targets African
American people, which manifests in various ways, and to ask hard questions about how to
remedy the issues of police violence and criminal justice reform. However, it also raised
significant concerns about the negative impacts of protests and demonstrations. Therefore, this
research paper will highlight the urgent need for systemic change toward achieving social justice
by investigating George Floyd’s life, the complexities surrounding his death, and the ongoing
conversations regarding protesting, police reform, and racism.
2.0 Background
2.1 Life of George Floyd
George Floyd was born in Fayetteville, North Carolina, on October 14, 1973. He was one
of five children in his family and grew up in Houston, Texas. As a young man, Floyd was known
for his athleticism and great personality (Cheung, 2020). He played basketball in high school and
attended South Florida Community College in Avon Park, Florida, where he studied music and
played basketball. After college, Floyd returned to Houston and worked various jobs, including
truck driver an …
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