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Restore the International Concept of Genshin Impact
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Restore the International Concept of Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact is among the world’s hottest video games today. While the game has
most Japanese invention characteristics from big swords, giant robots, characters with rainbowcolored and spikey hair, huge eyes, and a fixation on women endowed in maid-like outfits, the
video game is Chinese. It was officially released in 2020, and it is the first video game from
China to be recognized internationally. Unlike other video games from China, Genshin Impact
has generated the most revenue from other countries.
Internalization Ideas of Genshin Impact
This video game is calculatingly showcasing different cultures, different from a typical
design because most video games adhere to Western styles. In this role-playing video game, the
protagonist has to seek their lost sibling through a journey transversing seven regions, which
displays and imitates the cultures and landscapes of seven countries in reality. Deliberately
showcasing cultural diversity deviates from the traditional dos of …
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