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MGT 405 Final Project Case Study Analysis Worksheet A-I
Students: Yusur Al-Dulaimi, Mary Merid, Daniel Finnerty, Nolan Darius
Company: General Motors
Assignment A: Describe the General Environmental Factors that Effect Your
Company’s Industry
And /or is it
“Over the last couple of years, the firm worked
on updating the brand by sticking to its image of
“refined luxury” but moving away from being
regarded as a living room on wheels. New
models of the Enclave, Encore, and Envision
have been designed to attract a younger,
performance-oriented customer.” (Textbook, pg.
By updating its image, General Motors may be
able to take advantage of a younger group of
consumers to combat struggling sales as the
demographic they have been catering to (people
over 65) has started to shrink.
“Even as it lays off its older workforce, it has
been recruiting younger employees with
technology-heavy skills that go beyond
traditional vehicle design and engineering. “The
auto industry is on the cusp of change, and GM
has to prove that a longtime established player
is up to the task,” (Textbook, pg. C113)
“Global treaties and initiatives such as the
Stockholm, Basel, and Rotterdam Conventions
on Chemicals and Waste, the Minamata
Convention on Mercury and EU Registration,
Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of
Chemicals (REACH), are drivi …
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