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Peer Replies: Addressing Electronic Health Record (EHR) Issues
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Peer Replies: Addressing Electronic Health Record (EHR) Issues
Reply to Alvarez
Developing an EHR simulation program that addresses EHR documentation and safety in
medication orders is a complex endeavor. However, considering the factors you mentioned, the
process can be easy.
As you have mentioned, replicating the production domain using a sandbox environment
is important. This process can allow nurses to practice safety (KMS, 2023). To ensure this, a
phased approach beginning with simple scenarios and moving on to complex cases can be used
to ensure proficiency development.
Identification of necessary patient safety cases is also important. It is essential to involve
subject matter experts and update cases regularly to align training with emerging security
concerns. Performance evaluation should also be involved through summative and formative
assessments (Arrogante et al., 2021). This should go in hand with objective tools like rubrics and
checklists to ensure competency assessment.
Other factors such as effective time management, proper scheduling, loading clinical data
into the HER, and partnering with HER vendors are important. All these factors can ensure
successful EHR simulation programs.
Arrogante, O., González-Romero, G. M., López-Torre, E. M., Carrión-García, L., & Polo, A.
(2021). Comparing formative …
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