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What I Found in Standing Rock by Bronson Koenig
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Bronson Koenig is an American professional basketball player born in November 1994. He played
with the University of Wisconsin basketball team. Similarly, he is a member of the Ho-Chunk
Nation and takes pride in Native American heritage. The Standing Rock Sioux tribe has protested
against constructing a pipeline that they believe would put the Missouri River water source at risk.
(2). The author discusses a basketball hoop near the edge of the Standing Rock Camp in North
The author discusses his experience as he drove from his home in Wisconsin to the Standing Rock
reservations. The author highlights the Native American spiritual ceremonies and how they
impacted him. (4). He states how he has been struggling with identity; he further discusses how
interacting with Professor Stanley changed his life about identity. The author gives a vivid
description of his journey to the Standing Rock camp and his life-changing experiences. (11)
The paper’s title is Koenig’s essay, which will focus on his personal experience through interacting
with the people of Hunkpapa Sioux, including those protesting and children within the tribe, and
how these helped his ethos. The essay about The Player’s Tribune was published in
Guard/Wisconsin Badgers on December 1, 2016. The paper will also explore goodwill and
humility toward his people. The paper will explore compassi …
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