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Ethics Discussion
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Ethics Discussion
Differences Between Insurance and A No-Charge Healthcare System
Healthcare systems can be divided into two categories. The first is those relying on
private insurance, and the second is offering free healthcare services. This second category
frequently receives support from taxes or government assistance.
In insurance-based healthcare systems, individuals must pay to receive coverage.
They are required to pay premiums, deductibles, and co-pays (Hatzivasilis et al., 2020).
These systems frequently offer access to medical technologies and many healthcare solutions.
However, the quantity of insurance coverage may impact the standard of care. In such cases,
patients could have to traverse intricate networks of healthcare providers.
On the other hand, free healthcare systems attempt to give all residents access to
healthcare services without any upfront costs. By lowering financial obstacles, these systems
prioritize equal access to healthcare (Persaud et al., 2021). However, government resources
often need to be more open to the extent of coverage, which could result in lengthier wait
per …
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