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Ethical Decision Making
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Ethical Decision Making
Evaluation of the Ethical Decision-Making Model
The chosen ethical decision-making framework illustrates its effectiveness by presenting
an organized procedure that steers professionals in handling intricate ethical predicaments
encountered within the psychology field. One notable advantage of the framework is its focus on
identifying and comprehending ethical concerns. By explicitly defining and elucidating ethical
matters, practitioners possess a sturdy groundwork for ethical examination. The lucid
specification of problems allows for a more concentrated and thorough exploration of the
intricacies and implications. Furthermore, the framework urges practitioners to assess the
potential outcomes of various courses of action critically. The framework’s evaluation plays a
pivotal role in the decision-making process, empowering professionals to evaluate the potential
advantages and risks of each available choice.
Through meticulous consideration of potential results, practitioners can anticipate and
evaluate the conceivable ethical ramifications of their decisions. The proactive approach ensures
that decisions align with ethical principles and advocate for clients’ well-being and best interests
(Bradley & Hendricks, 2008). Moreover, the framework encourages practitioners to contemplate
their values and ethical perspectives. The framework’s introspective aspect ackno …
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Ethical Decision Making.edited 1 .edited.edited
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