Elm 210 Aligned Learning Activities And Differentiation

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Aligned Learning Activities and Differentiation
Student #1
Class Grade: 2nd Grade
Academic Standard: New York State 2nd Grade ELA Standard
Learning Objective: By the end of the unit, students will be able to write a coherent narrative with a clear focus, sequence events,
and provide a sense of closure.
Aligned Learning Activity
Student from Class Profile and
Brief Description of
Write a short narrative story based on a given prompt, focusing on clear sequencing of events and
a well-defined beginning, middle, and end.

Student: Beryl

Differentiation: Since Beryl is two years above grade level in both reading and math,
provide her with a more advanced narrative writing prompt. Encourage her to use more
complex sentence structures and vocabulary in her story.
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Home Extension Activity
Beryl can create her own story at home, using her imagination to write a longer and more
intricate narrative. Encourage her to explore different genres and styles of writing. This will help
Beryl expand her creativity and storytelling skills. Additionally, exploring different genres and
styles of writing will further …
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Elm 210 Aligned Learning Activities And Differentiation
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