Effective Communication Assignment

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Effective Communication Assignment
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Effective Communication Assignment
I have learned some important points about effective communication from the videos. In
the video about improving workplace communication, I have learned about the importance of
perspective-taking and giving feedback. The discussion in the video centers on the concept of
perspective-taking (Chicago Booth Review, 2017). This is where individuals engage in
deliberate efforts to comprehend the viewpoints, ideas, and emotions of others. The acquisition
of this skill is important for facilitating successful communication and can be applied within
various contexts in the professional setting.
To begin with, I would apply the perspective taking within my current place of work by
engaging in active listening at team meetings or one-on-one interactions with my coworkers or
team members and refraining from making hasty judgments. In addition, when delivering
feedback or criticism, I will adopt a perspective that demonstrates careful consideration of the
individual’s position. I will also emphasize areas for enhancement in a constructive and
encouragi …
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