Ece 3602 Week 3 Final

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ECE 3602 (Fall 2023): Week 3 Reading Guide
Guiding Questions (across readings)
1. How is online reading comprehension similar to and different from general reading
a. Similar:
❖ Text Comprehension: Both online and general reading comprehension involve
understanding and extracting meaning from written text. Readers need to grasp
the main ideas, infer details, and make connections between concepts
(Foxworth, et al., 2019).
❖ Vocabulary and Language Skills: Both types of comprehension require a strong
vocabulary and language skills. Readers must interpret words and phrases to
understand the text accurately.
❖ Critical Thinking: Analytical thinking and critical evaluation of the content are
necessary for both online and general reading comprehension. Readers assess
the credibility of sources and evaluate arguments.
❖ Contextual Understanding: In both cases, readers rel …
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Ece 3602 Week 3 Final
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