Discussion Post On The Role Of Pathogens

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Discussion Post on the Role of Pathogens (Bacteria)
There exists a wide variety of pathogens; one of the examples that I will be discussing on
is bacteria. They are naturally pathogenic to humans and other living organisms, potentially
causing infections that are a calamity when not managed properly. Research by Moradali and
Rehm (2020), states that some of the diseases that are caused by the bacteria include cholera,
tuberculosis, syphilis, and gonorrhea. From the pathogen’s point of view, the pathogen always tries
to penetrate into the body of the human being. It ends up reproducing using the nutrients and
energy of the cells, making it emaciated. Once I am in the host’s body, I will use various
mechanisms to cross both the cellular and biochemical barriers to invade the cells and utilize their
survival mechanisms to grow and multiply. In most instances, I always get into the body of the
pathogen either through the skin, mouth, food or through direct contact with an infected individual.
In minute cases, other forms of bacteria, such as the flagella, swim or either rotate via gliding
motility into other surfaces without external appendages and reveal a molecular machinery
reminiscent of the motor reflexes.
Some of the paths of destruction that I am on include owning the cell machinery
completely, taking up all the cell’s nutrients, and depriving all the energy of the host cell. Later on,
I will attempt to take over the warm and viable environment to alter the cell DNA by …
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Discussion Post On The Role Of Pathogens
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