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Roméo Dallaire
Roméo Dallaire, a retired Lieutenant-General from the Canadian Army, became a crucial
figure in UN peacekeeping and genocide prevention, particularly when he was the head of UN
Assistance Mission in Rwanda (UNAMIR) from 1993 to 1. Dallaire presents a notable illustration
of an individual with the power to influence the global events especially on the peacekeeping
operations and policies surrounding the genocide. Dallaire took over UNAMIR at a crucial
moment. His duty was to supervise the implementation of the Arusha Accords that were intended
to solve the ethnic problems between Rwandan Hutus and Tutsi (Geheran & Frey, 2020).
Nevertheless, he soon realized a looming genocide as he submerged himself in this role.
He attempted to alert by sending many urgent cables to UN headquarters in New York.
Nevertheless, it was hard to receive reinforcements and a stronger mandate from the international
community, which did not want to see one more African war. However, the challenges were not
enough to discourage Dallaire in his mission to protect civilians. He initiated Operation Tu …
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