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Psychiatric Interview
Psychiatric Interview
There are several components considered in a psychiatric interview. One of them is the
chief complaint. The chief complaint refers to the main statement that a patient presents
regarding the major reason for seeking psychiatric intervention. This statement provides a
psychiatrist with a general overview of the diagnosis that the patient is likely to be experiencing
(Wood et al., 2019). Another critical component of a psychiatric interview is the psychiatric
history. This psychiatric component enables a psychiatrist to predict the psychiatric diagnosis the
patient will likely be experiencing and the assessment tool necessary to determine the severity of
the patient’s mental health issue (Wood et al., 2019). The mental status examination is another
crucial psychiatric component of a psychiatric interview. This component enables the
psychiatrist to understand whether the patient has any cognitive deficits.
One rating scale used in psychiatric assessment is the Geriatric Depression Scale (GDS).
This tool is widely used in assessing depression symptoms among older adults and the severity
of this …
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