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Discussion 505 Replies
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Discussion 505 Replies
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Great post! It is laudable that the study concentrated on performing a systematic
analysis to evaluate the prevalence of respiratory illnesses during the Hajj pilgrimage because
it tackles a significant public health issue. The thorough method used to collect information
on clinical manifestations, immunization status, and prevalent rates of respiratory ailments
offers insightful information about the health issues pilgrims experience (Benkouiten et al.,
2019). The intricacy of the problem is shown by the documented variations in the prevalence
of influenza-like illness (ILI), which can be linked to several factors, including study design,
length, and vaccination rates.
Intriguingly, you recommend employing a longitudinal study design rather than a
systematic review. Insights into the temporal and causal relationships between different
factors and respiratory infections can be gained from longitudinal investigations. Researchers
can more accurately capture the dynamics of illness dissemination and pinpoint risk variables
by studying a cohort …
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Discussion 505 Replies
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