Discussion 3 Lab Report

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The Unfamiliar Phonetic Consonant Symbols Based on Category
Phonetic Consonant Symbols : θ, ð, ʃ, ʒ, tʃ, dʒ, ʍ, ŋ
ð, ʒ, dʒ, ŋ
θ, ʃ, tʃ, ʍ
θ, ð, ʒ, ŋ, ʍ
ʃ, tʃ, dʒ
Understanding phonetic symbols is a valuable experience for me that focused on
communication major. These symbols provide a standardized way to represent the sounds of
speech across different languages and dialects. Every country has their way of pronouncing the
vocabulary that they have. In some cases, someone who learns a new language might have
diff …
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Discussion 3 Lab Report
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